Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Slap in the Face

I've seen several reactions to the end of LSHv7. Some of them were written by people who felt personally offended by the way things turned out. "It was a slap in the face to all Legion fans!" Things like that.

Doesn't get us anywhere to think like that. I mean, of course you don't like it, and wish it had turned out some other way. But nobody is trying to provoke you or anything. Come on: Paul Levitz feels contempt for Legion fans? Unlikely.

So just take it easy. DC and its people are trying to figure their way through this just like we are, and as bumbling and obnoxious as they've been, there's no malice in the simple act of cancelling a low-selling comic, or in the diplomatic quadrilles that surround it. It's as simple as this: we want it to be one way. But it's the other way. (1)


(1) Marlo.