Saturday, December 13, 2014

Justice League United #7 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About: There's more fighting. Byth is still trying to turn Ultra into Infinitus.

Review: More of the same.

Honestly, if collecting Legion comics and blogging about 'em wasn't like my official hobby, I'd stop reading this story. It's not interesting and it's not interestingly done. Among the things that don't impress me:
- the Timber Wolf/Animal-Man mutual admiration society; very clunky
- editing misstep in which there's some confusion about whether Stargirl or Animal-Man said something
- if I never read another Legion story in which they have to cope with a rift in space it'll be too soon
- another off-the-shelf debate about whether superheroes should kill if the situation is scary enough

Ho hum.

Well, I dunno; maybe Lemire has something interesting saved up for us at the end of the story.

Art: I actually like the art better this issue; there were a few panels that caught my attention as being quite good. Same penciler; I wonder if Keith Champagne doing some inking makes a difference. (I mind me of Champagne's work on an issue of [i]The Legion[/i] about ten years back. That was a good comic book.)

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