Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Issue #5 Review

What Happened That You Have To Know About:

First of all, the United Planets and the Science Police seem to have different ideas about the Legion. The SP wants them suppressed, and the UP actually kinda likes them. The UP is having problems with their member planets.

Minor subplot: Ultra Boy is losing control of his powers, and Shadow Lass drafts Karate Kid to try to help.

The major plot has Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl on Rimworld 19, where some local Legion members and refugees are fighting against some kind of overwhelming opposition. Then Brin Londo shows up. From a military point of view, the situation there is pretty hopeless, but Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl and Brin put aside their moral problems about leading people to their deaths and keep the locals calm. Then the enemy attacks.

The enemy is a group called 'Terror Firma'. They're a bunch of super-powered terraformers who are the advance guard of some larger force. Terror Firma is led by Elysion (earth powers) and has about five others in it, including Zepha (wind powers) and Phren (mental powers). They seem to report to someone called Lemnos, who eventually turns out to be the guy in Dream Girl's vision. Terror Firma turns out to be pretty damn powerful, but the Legionnaires manage to get enough of the upper hand to force a retreat. Brin sneaks along behind them through their escape gate to do some spying for Brainy.


Whoo! Action! One of the things the creative team seems to have decided on is that the three founding members are to be among the most powerful Legionnaires. Both Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad throw their weight around big time in this issue, to impressive effect. It's nice to see Timber Wolf, it's nice to see some walk-on Legionnaires act useful, it's nice to see what the enemy looks like. And there's some, you know, thinking stuff going on too. More like this!

Rating: LLLL

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