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All-Time Legion Roster

I try to keep a master list of Legionnaires on this site. It's surprisingly difficult to decide just what kind of list it should be, but, anyway, here's this one. Please let me know if there's anything I got straight wrong or any detail I left out that's too major to be left out. Also, when I was listing continuities, I typically didn't mention "animated" unless it was specifically informative to do so.

Legionnaire Also Continuities Creators & Notes
Atmos Marak Russen of Xanthu orig, 2b Levitz, Larocque
Blok Blok of Dryad orig, 4b Conway, Staton
Blood Claw Blood Claw of Khundia orig (5YL) the Bierbaums, Immonen
Bouncing Boy Charles Foster Taine of Earth all but 3b Siegel, Mooney
Brainiac 5 Querl Dox of Colu; also 5, Brainiac 5.1 all Siegel, Mooney
Calamity King E. Davis Ester of Touston orig Hamilton, Swan
Catspaw April Dumaka of Earth orig: 5YL Bierbaums, Sprouse
Celeste Celeste Rockfish of Earth; also Celeste McCauley, Neon orig: 5YL Giffen, Bierbaums, Gordon
Chameleon Boy Reep Daggle of Durla; sometimes just Chameleon all Siegel, Mooney
Chameleon Girl Yera Allon of Durla orig Levitz, Giffen
Chemical Kid Hadru Jamik of Phlon orig: retro Levitz, Jimenez
Chemical King Condo Arlik of Phlon orig, 2b Shooter, Swan
Chlorophyll Kid Ral Benem of Mardru; also Plant Lad orig, 3b Hamilton, Forte
Color Kid Ulu Vakk of Lupra orig Hamilton, Swan, Jeff Greenberg
Colossal Boy Gim Allon of Earth; also Leviathan, Micro Lad all Siegel, Mooney
Comet Queen Grava of Extal Colony (Quaal III) orig Levitz, Giffen
Computo Danielle Foccart of Earth, or just Computo orig (esp. SW6) and 4b Levitz, Giffen
Cosmic Boy Rokk Krinn of Braal; also Polestar all Binder, Plastino
Crystal Kid Bobb Kohan of Earth orig Conway, Ditko, Robert Cohen
Dawnstar Dawnstar Gr'Ell of Starhaven, or just Dawnstar orig, 4b Levitz, Grell
Devlin Devlin O'Ryan of Xanthu orig (5YL) Giffen, Bierbaums
Dr. Fate ? 4b only Bendis, Sook (orig Dr. Fate created by Gardner Fox & Howard Sherman)
Dragonmage Xao Jin of Earth orig (SW6) Bierbaums, Sprouse
Dragonwing Marya Pai of Earth orig (retro) Levitz, Jimenez
Dream Boy Rol Purtha of Naltor 3b Waid, Kitson
Dream Girl Nura Nal of Naltor; also Nura Schnappin, Dreamer all Hamilton, Forte
Earth-Man Kirt Niedrigh of Earth; also Zoraz, Absorbency Boy orig Bates, Grell
Echo Myke-4 Astor of Khundish Calish-Aetia orig Shooter, Swan
Element Lad Jan Arrah of Trom; also Alchemist all Hamilton, Forte
Entropy Kid ? 4b only Bendis, Sook; pink and purple uniform, alien, long skull; name revealed on Reddit
Ferro Lad Andrew Nolan of Earth; also Ferro all but 3b Shooter, Moldoff
Fire Lad Staq Mavlen of Shwar orig Hamilton, Forte
Firefist Firefist of Khundia orig (5YL) Bierbaums, Immonen
Flederweb Flederweb of Aetia orig (5YL) Bierbaums, Immonen
Gates Ti'julk M'rasz of Vyrga 2b, orig (retro) McCraw, Moder, Waid
Gazelle Giselle Smith of Triton 3b Shooter, Manapul
Gear I.Z.O.R. of Linsner 2b McCraw, Peyer, Kolins
Glorith Glorith of Baaldur and/or Zerox orig, possibly 2b Siegel, Forte, but also Levitz, Jimenez
Gold Lantern Kala Lour 4b only Bendis, Sook
Harmonia Harmonia Li of Earth orig (retro) Levitz, Cinar
Impulse Kent Shakespeare of Earth orig (5YL) Giffen, Bierbaums, Gordon
Infectious Lass Drura Sehpt of Somahtur orig, 2b Bates, Cockrum
Invisible Kid Lyle Norg of Earth orig, 2b, 3b Siegel, Mooney
Invisible Kid II Jacques Foccart of Earth or Kit-Son; also Evanesce, Invisible Gentleman orig, 2b, 4b, animated Levitz, Giffen
Karate Kid Val Armorr of Earth all Shooter, Moldoff
Karate Kid II Myg of Lythyl orig Levitz, Lightle
Kid Quantum James Cullen of Antares or of Xanthu orig (5YL), 2b Bierbaums, David A. Williams
Kid Quantum II Jazmin Cullen of Xanthu 2b McCraw, Peyer, Moder
Kinetix Zoe Saugin of Aleph 2b McCraw, Moder, Waid
Kono Brita An'nan of Sklar orig, 2b Giffen, Bierbaums, Gordon
Laurel Laurel Gand of Daxam or of Ricklef II, also Andromeda, Sister Andromeda orig (5YL), 2b Giffen, Bierbaums, Gordon, James Ricklef, Arne Starkey
Lightning Lad Garth Ranzz of Winath; also Live Wire all Binder, Plastino
Lightning Lass Ayla Ranzz of Winath; also Light Lass, Gossamer, Pulse, Spark all Hamilton, Forte
Magnetic Kid Pol Krinn of Braal orig Hamilton, Forte
Magno Dyrk Magz of Braal 2b McCraw, Stern, Moy
Matter-Eater Lad Tenzil Kem of Bismoll all Siegel, Forte
Mon-El Lar Gand of Daxam or New Krypton; also M'Onel, Valor all Bernstein, Papp
Monster Boy Arune Singh of Tor-Etto 4b Bendis, Sook
Monstress Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III of Xanthu 2b McCraw, Peyer, Moder
Nemesis Kid Hart Druiter of Myar orig, 3b, animated (Legionnaire only in animated continuity) Shooter, Moldoff
Night Girl Lydda Jath of Kathoon orig, 2b Hamilton, Forte
Nightwind Berta Haris of Earth orig, 2b Conway, Ditko, Robert Harris
Phantom Girl Tinya Wazzo of Bgtzl; also Apparition all Siegel, Mooney
Polar Boy Brek Bannin of Tharr orig, 2b, 3b Hamilton, Forte
Porcupine Pete Peter Dursin of Earth orig Bates, Cockrum
Princess Projectra Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall of Orando; also Queen Projectra, Projectra, Sensor Girl, Sensor all Shooter, Moldoff
Quislet (unpronounceable glyph) of Teall orig Levitz, Lightle
Radius Lad ? 4b Bendis, Sook
Reflecto Stig Ah of Rimbor orig Shooter
Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen of Titan; also Imra Ardeen Ranzz all Binder, Plastino
Shadow Lass Tasmia Mallor of Talok VIII; also Umbra all Shooter, Swan
Shikari Shikari Lonestar of the Kwai 2b Abnett, Lanning, Coipel
Shrinking Violet Salu Digby of Imsk; also Atom Girl, LeViathan, Virus all Siegel, Mooney
Soultaker ? only appeared in Doomsday Clock Johns, Frank
Spider Girl Sussa Paka of Taltar; also Wave orig, 2b Siegel, Forte, Jim Tillery
Star Boy Thom Kallor of Xanthu; also Starman all Binder, Papp
Stone Boy Dag Wentim of Zwen orig Hamilton, Forte
Storm Boy Myke Chypurz orig Siegel, Forte
Sun Boy Dirk Morgna of Earth; also Inferno all Siegel, Mooney
Superboy Kal-El of Krypton, Clark Kent of Earth, Superman orig Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster; by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family
Superboy II Connor Kent of Earth, Kon-El 2b Kesel, Grummett
Superboy III Jon Kent of Earth; also Superman 4b Jurgens
Supergirl Kara Zor-El of Krypton orig, 3b Binder, Plastino
Superman-X Kell-El of Earth animated team of TV writers led by Michael Jelenic
Tellus Ganglios of Hykraius orig Levitz, Lightle
Thunder CeCe Beck of Binderaan 2b Ordway, Manley
Timber Wolf Brin Londo of Zuun (or Rimbor); also Furball all Hamilton, Forte
Thorn Rose Forrest of Earth 4b Kanigher, Andru. Officially the Legion's liaison to the UP; not necessarily a regular Legionnaire
Triplicate Girl Luornu Durgo of Cargg (also Carggg); also Triad, Duo Damsel, Una, Duplicate Girl, Duplicate Damsel all Siegel, Mooney
Tyroc Troy Stewart of Earth (Marzal) orig Bates, Grell
Ultra Boy Jo Nah of Rimbor all Siegel, Swan
Veilmist Veilmist of Khundia orig (5YL) Bierbaums, Immonen
Visi-Lad Visi-Lad of Earth orig Levitz, Larocque
White Witch Mysa Nal or Xola Aq of Naltor or Zerox; also Jewel all Bridwell, Swan
Wildfire Drake Burroughs of Earth; also Erg-1, NRG, Jahr-Drake Ningle (Blast-Off) combined with Randall Burroughs (Atom'X) of Xanthu all Bates, Cockrum
X-Ray Girl ? 4b Bendis, Sook; green-suited skeleton; name revealed on Reddit
XS Jenni Ognats of Aarok 2b, orig (retro) McCraw, Moy

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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Just to Say

 Not going anyplace! Social media never should have moved away from blogs and RSS.

Twitters may come and go, but long-windedness is forever.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Justice League Vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes #6 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About:

We open on Vandal Savage as the sheriff in an Old West town. Everyone's scared of him. He's got Batman locked up in the hoosegow; apparently he's keeping him around to taunt him with how the world he knows doesn't exist anymore. While this is going on a couple of deputies bring in Jonah Hex, who Savage regards as a sort of seed of the Age of Heroes; Savage kills Hex unceremoniously. But then it turns out Batman isn't Batman. It's Chameleon Boy in disguise. And Savage is surrounded by Legionnaires and JLAers. Because all of this--since sometime last issue--has been taking place inside the Gold Lantern ring, and they've just been letting Savage think he's won because they're trying to collect a complete confession from him for the benefit of the Elders of Oa. Savage resists a little but eventually the Elders remove him from this reality and name Gold Lantern the new leader of the Gold Lantern Corps, which he is to go build. There's a bit of celebration and the Legion prepares to send the League home, and we get one last view of Savage, in some other dimension, being helped up at the side of the road by Jonah Hex.


Well, that was a legit ending. No complaints on that basis. It's an ending that made sense and was based on things that were emphasized throughout the story. And Brainiac 5 is given an excellent squelch line on Vandal Savage, so that was satisfying.


If you think about what all happened in these six issues... it's not a lot. This story could have fit into one or two comics. And even then it'd be an understated kind of story.

And that would be fine if something other than plot was happening in all those comics. But really it wasn't. A lot of churn. Some little fun character moments. Really a lot of time and space was taken up by the large unwieldy cast of characters being a large unwieldy cast of characters.

(Thought experiment. Pick Brainy, Gold Lantern, and two other Legionnaires. Now pick four JLAers. Now replot the story with just those eight heroes. Think of everything you'd be able to do!)

One problem with Legion reboots is that they don't often produce classic stories in volume. The reboot was good for about five years and then great for three or four; that's the high-water mark. Waid and Kitson produced a couple of years of flawed but high-quality threeboot comics before turning it over to others. There were almost no good Legion comics in the retroboot. And now the fourboot... it's hardly even gotten started! We don't know these characters at all, and they haven't *done* anything!

I'm very disappointed. I'm glad to have Legion comics, but why are we getting Legion comics with such obvious flaws?

I'll give Bendis and Sook credit for this much: they've left the Legion in a good place. It's an interesting-looking team with a solid foundation of mythology and information and another creative team ought to be able to pick it up and do just about anything with it. I hope we see it happen.


There was a time on this blog when I said that we were in a golden age of Legion comics and I hoped we were all appreciating it. I hope we all appreciated it.

Anyway! I'm not going anywhere; see you next time we have something to talk about!

Art: 98 panels/22 pages = 4.5 panels/page. 3 splash pages; 1 double-page spread; 2 cases of multiple panels spread across 2 pages.

I hope Scott Godlewski gets work on the strength of this series, because he's been quite impressive. Look at how he renders Jonah Hex on the last page. He's not just some fill-in artist; he portrays Hex with a great deal of assurance and an awareness of how much detail is needed. I've seen any number of fill-in artists who simply could not do that with anything like competence.

I haven't seen much in Legion comics for a long time that I thought was much good to read... but some of the art has been spectacular. Godlewski. Sook's been very good. Perez. Francis Portela. Gus Storms. Riley Rossmo. And I'm definitely leaving people out who oughtn't be left out.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Justice League Vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes #5 Review

 What Happened That You Have to Know About:

The Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes put their heads together and things get a little tense while discussing Gold Lantern. The dark rift... eats everything? I think?... but not before Triplicate Girl and Batman figure out that Vandal Savage is behind it all, in some way related to the Legion of Doom's headquarters. Apparently Savage was trying to destroy the Age(s) of Heroes, and seems to think that he's accomplished that.


My copy of the comic has two covers and I didn't even have to pay any extra for it. Plus factor for me!

I haven't read whatever comics it was that established the Legion of Doom's headquarters as something that made sense to be involved in this story. It's touched on a little bit in the issue but not in any way that actually clears anything up. In this context it just seems arbitrary and pointless.

Five issues gone by and we finally have a villain. Hey, no rush. And Vandal Savage is a good villain for this crossover! Sort of! I mean, he's no match for about two-thirds of these characters in a one-on-one fight, but other than that he's perfect. But why'd it take so long to bring him in?

This series is more overinflated than a cheap bag of chips, is why. I can't think of a reason the first five issues couldn't have been boiled down to one. If you're reading this before you've bought your copy, please take this into account!

So we've got one issue left for the JLA and the LSH to defeat Savage... assuming that it happens in this series and not in Dark Crisis or whatever. I wonder if there'll be time to explain just what Savage's plan is. I mean, I get the motivation: removing the Age of Heroes so his great enemies won't be around to defeat him. That part makes perfect sense. And, also, is thematically appropriate for this era of the Legion! I like how this fits in. Is Savage going to turn out to be the anti-Rose?

What I don't get, and this is not a complaint, is a) how he's doing that, and b) what the situation is going to be like once he's done it. He's just going to remove some eras from the timeline? Does that work?

I don't think there's time for this miniseries to turn out to be worthwhile. There's just been so much fluff so far; Bendis can't make up for all of that in one issue. But a good final issue can at least make it... how shall I put it... notable.

Are you hearing all this speculation that Discovery is going to shut down DC Comics by the end of the year? It would be horrible, of course, if it happened. But can you imagine if this series was the last Legion of Super-Heroes series ever? Gross.

Art: 111 panels/22 pages = 5.0 panels/page. 3 splash pages, 4 double-page spreads containing, respectively, 3, 5, 10, and 8 panels each. Two twelve-panel pages!

If there's one good thing about this series, it's that it introduced us--well, those of us who didn't already know about him, as I didn't--to Scott Godlewski. He's just been very, very good for five issues. Look at his Vandal Savage on the last page, panel 3; very expressive. One qualm: there are a couple of panels on pages 17-18 that just show more of this darkness, and I'm not sure what we're supposed to get from them. They don't seem to be showing us anything.

Also, I'm not sure about Godlewski's Blok. Doesn't look bad, or anything, but... something's hitting me weird about it.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Justice League Vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes #4 Review

 What Happened That You Have to Know About:

The big dark rift in the sky continues to get worse as the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice League all try to figure out where and when they are. Eventually Computo figures out how to bring everyone together (in the 21st century) as the rift covers the whole sky. There is a suggestion that the Legion is to blame for the rift because of their reckless time travel.


It's not like there's nothing of interest here. Gold Lantern meets Alan Scott in the 1930s, and it's kind of cool, for one thing. Batman and Rose get reacquainted, but nothing really comes of it. It's a mildly diverting read. But if anything's important here, we're only going to know it in retrospect. I don't have much to say about this comic book!

I'm glad we're getting Legion comics every so often, but getting these comics is a lot like not getting comics. Man, I hope Bendis does something cool in #5 or #6 that makes me go, "Ahhh... that changes everything! I have to go back and reread the whole run now!" That's likely, right?

Art: 98 panels/22 pages = 4.5 panels/page. 3 splash pages, double-page arrangements of 4 panels, 12 panels, 7 panels, and 8 panels.

I like Godlewski's style. I wonder where DC's been hiding him. He draws a good Bouncing Boy. Also, I like the coloring of the Alan Scott pages; very noir. I wish he had a more interesting story to draw.

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