Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What This Site Is

Originally I had a message here saying, among other things, that this blog was a work in progress and you should all bear with me while I figured out what it was going to be about. But now I've been at it for a while and it's become a lot more obvious what it's about.

It's a blog where I write about stuff to do with a) superheroes in general and b) the Legion of Super-Heroes in particular. (Sometimes I'll do comic-book-related stuff that has nothing to do with superheroes, but not often.) I don't update every day, but I do try to update more than once a month. See, I figure that if I keep my schedule light, I won't burn out and I'll never get sick of doing it. You could be reading new entries on this blog fifty years from now. Why not?

I do try to review every new Legion comic and TV episode that comes out, promptly. I also try to feature one Legionnaire a month in the The Legionnaires feature, although sometimes months go by where I don't. And I try to write at least one other article a month.

Anyway, if you like this kind of thing, I hope this is the kind of thing you like.

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