Friday, September 09, 2005

Issue #6 Review

What Happened That You Have To Know About: Only a little. There's quite a bit of space taken up with Karate Kid and Shadow Lass trying (unsuccessfully) to help Ultra Boy get a handle on the problems he's been having with his super-powers.

More importantly, we're introduced to the source of the Legion's wealth: Princess Projectra, who in this version of things is a spoiled-brat rich girl who's bankrolling the Legion to annoy her father. While Cosmic Boy tries to use some of the old oil to get more money out of her, while fending off her desire to be included on important missions, she gets a phone call from her father saying that Orando's being destroyed by (presumably) Terror Firma. The Legion tries some kind of power stunt to save the place, but they're too late. Orando's destruction is even worse because, we are told, it's the economic base of the United Planets.

Interesting point about Projectra: Cosmic Boy says she doesn't have any super-powers beyond annoying people, but he also introduces her to Star Boy as 'a royal sorceress'.

Then there's another little story at the back, where Brainiac 5 sits in his lab and tries to figure out who the mysterious guy is behind Terror Firma. Then the guy shows up, in person, and introduces himself as Praetor Lemnos. He's an arms dealer who's trying to start a giant war and shake up the entire galaxy so he can take the credit for saving it. He's got some mutant memory-controlling powers that he's using to manipulate, basically, everything. He taunts Brainy and says that "Colu is next," and makes some noise about how his goals and the Legion's goals aren't so different, and before he leaves he makes Brainy forget the whole conversation.

Interesting point about Brainy: Lemnos says that Brainy will never miss Colu, not after what they did to him. Huh?

Review: Same as what we've been accustomed to: lots of characterization, not much action, plot moving forward slowly. I am surprised, and pleasantly so, that we're finding all this out about Lemnos so soon. I really don't know what to make of the pace of this comic book. Is it slow, or is it fast at what it wants to focus on? Will it change once we're more familiar with the team and the 31st century? Oh well; I can take it, either way.

And Projectra has always been one of my least favourite Legionnaires, but I kind of like this interpretation of her.

Rating: LLL

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