Sunday, September 25, 2005

Issue #9 Review

Woo hoo! All caught up!

What Happened That You Need To Know About:

The issue starts off with the crowd outside Legion HQ starting to break up. Tempers are short. Also, Cosmic Boy is headed home; Braal is leaving the United Planets and his dad's sick.

Meanwhile, Saturn Girl is trying to persuade her mother, who's some kind of United Planets high-up, to help out with the Lemnos thing. But she won't go for it; she doesn't believe in him.

There's still friction going on between the Legionnaires, even after Cosmic Boy's departure for the transmatter gate. Nobody seems to trust Triplicate Girl or Invisible Kid, and Chameleon also makes himself unpopular. Good news: Invisible Kid has come up with a plan to stop the Giant Intergalactic War before it starts; it involves three planets, but nobody says which ones. They need to take the plan to Brainiac 5, but he's currently on planet Helegyn checking out some Terror Firma related trouble. He summons a Legion team and fighting starts. Elysion, from Terror Firma, is wearing a jacket that looks suspiciously like Brin Londo's.

Invisible Kid, not invited to Helegyn, instead hotfoots it over to the transmatter gate spaceport, and rerigs the gate controls so that Cosmic Boy gets sent to Helegyn instead of Braal, because, "We can't do this without you."


Kitson gets another month off, and Jeanty and Thibert fill in, to satisfying effect. The 'letter column' thing at the end was funny. Not sure I like the idea of Lemnos as a kind of 31st-century Snuffleupagus, but whatever. And Cosmic Boy's speech to the kids in the spaceport was awesome. On the bad side: I couldn't really follow Invisible Kid's train of thought on page 3; the writing was maybe moving a bit too fast there. This issue, again, was mostly setup; it looks like we're going to start getting payoff next issue. That's fine. I just hope the other justifies the one.

About Triplicate Girl and Invisible Kid. They take a lot of grief for stuff that they'd done in previous issues, but to my mind, nothing they did is anywhere near as bad as Invisible Kid hijacking Cosmic Boy's ride this issue. Rokk reacts like he won't rake him over the coals for it, but it was still way over the line.

Rating: LLLl

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