Thursday, December 29, 2005

Issue #12 Review

Technically I'm not late with this!

What Happened That You Need To Know About:

On Earth, Brainiac 5, Invisible Kid and the suddenly present Atom Girl defeat Elysion.

On Dormir, Lightning Lad and Chameleon Boy manage to get Agent Skelter under control.

On Terror Firma’s home planet, Projectra reveals her new hereditary super-powers, which the team uses to bust Brin Londo out of stir.

On Ttrxl, Cosmic Boy uses the Ttrxlns to communicate with the other Legionnaires and set up some tactics. Lightning Lad does some kind of electrical power stunt on Dormir to shut down all teleportation, so that Terror Firma’s armies can’t invade the rest of the United Planets. This strands one team of Legionnaires among thousands of enemies, but so be it. A few invaders do get through before the gates close, but Cosmic Boy has rallied the legionnaires via the Public Service, which he now calls ‘Legion Channel One’, so that’s no problem.

By the end of the issue, here’s the status:
- Dream Girl’s still dead and parts of Earth are in ruins, but Elysion is down and the situation’s otherwise stable
- The teams on Dormir and Ttrxl have accomplished their missions
- Karate Kid, Ultra Boy, Princess Projectra, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl and Brin Londo are in the middle of a giant fight with Terror Firma, and Lemnos has yet to make any kind of counter-move

Then there’s a backup story looking at how Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad got together.


Looks like last month’s issue was suffering from middle-volume syndrome, because this month’s is very strong. The backup story is out of place, again (and less interesting than the one last issue), but its content isn’t as jarring. But the main story continues the strong characterization that’s been in place all series, and drives the action forward as it does so. It’s all coming together, and I’m looking forward to the big finish.

Rating: LLL

Membership Changes: Confirmed sighting of Atom Girl!

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