Thursday, March 02, 2006

Issue #14 Review

I went out and bought my own copy of #14. But before that I sent DC an e-mail canceling my subscription. More on this some other time.

What Happened That You Have To Know About:

The big item here is that the United Planets decides to fix their PR problems by granting the Legion official status with Earthgov equivalent to the Science Police, and that Lightning Lad, who’s filling in as leader for the moment, accepts it, despite concerns that the Legion would lose their independence or be co-opted.

Most of the rest is no big deal. Oh, it turns out that Invisible Kid really was the one who told Brainy about the raid on his lab, if anyone still cares.


After a major arc you have to take a bit of a breather, and that’s what this issue is.

I guess it’s a compliment to say that hanging out with the Legion and watching them cope with the aftermath of the big Lemnos adventure is interesting enough that you don’t notice how not a lot is going on. But then, we don’t want anything going on in this issue. I guess. We do get some nice character stuff, especially with Atom Girl, and another letter column feature.

I don’t know about the letter columns. Fun, yes. But let’s not overdo it. Once a year, maybe.

Rating: LLL

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