Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Other comic-book blogs

I've got some Legion-related blogs and websites linked on the sidebar here, and will probably add one or two others soon, but as you probably know there are any number of other excellent comic-book-related blogs out there. Some are informative and some are hilarious and some are insightful and some are two or even three of those things.

This blog is primarily Legion-related, so I don't know whether I want to put these other fine sites in the sidebar, or just have a page of links, or what, but I definitely want to do something to recognize them, because of all the enjoyment they've given me over the past while.

In particular, I want right now to say two words about Kung Fu Monkey, which is only sometimes a comic-book-related site, but is fine reading nonetheless. It's run by John Rogers, whose writing you may know from the new Blue Beetle series (which, if you haven't tried it, is very good), and who I have every reason to believe is an excellent human being.



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