Monday, September 14, 2020


In case it's of interest to anyone, I guested with The Legion of Substitute Podcasters this week, discussing Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #35, an issue near and dear to my heart. (Earlier this year, I was on this episode, covering issue #29 of that series.) Check it out if you're of a mind to.< /br> < /br> Also, a reminder that I also write basically regularly about time travel and the Legion, in the Time Beacons series of columns at Time Travel Nexus. (It should be easy to predict which issue I'm currently putting together an article about.) Visit Time Travel Nexus for all your time-travel-fiction-commentary-related needs.

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Anonymous Ian said...

Well done on the podcast! Enjoyed those. What a fun collective to be a part of. Thanks!

Episode 622 ( is most recent in my mind. The complexity of Superman's legacy and Braniac's legacy is a sublime topic to brush up against and one so central and singular with the Legion. Love that.

The DC news was fun. For those who don't know: Bendis is leaving Superman in December. LOSH is solicited through #12 ( but Death Metal wraps, a patchwork event story begins with Endless Winter and DC is poised to reset going into 2021. I'm left wondering what will happen to the Legion.

The Time Beacon essays are really enjoyable. If you've read the latest issue (#9), then this will come in handy:

But I think this one: comes in particularly handy for anyone following along with the most recent series. What shape that will take or whether Bendis was codifying Legion lore in terms of its nebulous effect; which is to say it's a part of this larger cyclical, mythical quality of the Legion where reboots and Great Darknesses and time shifts are part of the DNA of the lore itself.

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Blogger Matthew E said...


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Blogger Lucas Schimmel said...

I don't know where to post this, but just got notified that the next DLC for this DC-based MMO focuses on the Legion.
By the picture I assume it's based on the fourboot, however I can't understand where did they take the idea that the Teen Titans inspired the Legion.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Matthew E said...

Thanks. I admit I have no real sense of what DCUO actually is or how it works. As for the Titans, well, people will say stuff.

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