Monday, February 06, 2006

Issue #13 Review

What Happened That You Have To Know About:

The Legion wins! The Ttrxl group and the Dormir group show up in the Terror Firmament through transmitter gates just before Lightning Lad shuts ‘em all down. The Legion beats up Lemnos’s cannon fodder for a while, thanks largely to a power stunt by Saturn Girl and Projectra, and then Terror Firma joins the fight. The Legion polishes them off. Lemnos is about to get away, when Brainiac 5 opens up a gate, captures him, and disappears again. Brainy takes Lemnos to his lab (not sure where he got a lab from all of a sudden), where he seems to have some notion about Lemnos being able to bring Dream Girl back from the dead. And it turns out that Terror Firma are the descendants of criminals and misfits exiled by the United Planets way back when.

And then there was a flashback backup story in which Dream Girl unburdens herself to Saturn Girl.


It was well done. Lots of nice touches in the fights. Most Legionnaires got at least a little bit of the spotlight. It didn’t hit the heights the way you’d like the climax of a thirteen-issue story to do, and the backup story didn’t add anything. But it was good.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this issue. It mostly consists of finishing things that were set up in the first twelve issues. The first twelve issues got us to this point, and what this point is is a fight that the Legion wins. What’s next?

Rating: LLL

Membership Changes:

Sun Boy quits at the end of this issue. It’s unclear just what’s going to happen to Terror Firma, but Sun Boy decides he identifies with them more than he does with the Legion, and joins them, thinking he can do some good that way.

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