Saturday, March 11, 2006

DC Comics Is No Longer a Jerk

I received a FedEx package from DC Comics the other day. It contained a note from Paul Levitz apologizing for the problems I’ve been having with my subscription and promising that things would be put right. It also had a complimentary copy of the Great Darkness TPB, which was a nice gesture. Mr. Levitz’s response to my letter was quick and professional and pleasant, and welcome.

There are five things I like about all this. Two of them, obviously, are the free comic book and the increased possibility of a refund. But those are relatively minor.

The third one, the most important one, is this: now that it’s all over, I realize that what I most wanted from DC/Cambey West during this whole brouhaha was some acknowledgement from them that they knew I was complaining and that I had reason to. I have that now.

The fourth thing I like is that maybe the subscription situation will improve so that the next Legion subscriber doesn’t go through what I went through.

The fifth thing is that now DC Comics and I can be friends again. Forgiven.

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