Saturday, March 25, 2006

Issue #16 Review. Not.

Went to the comic shop today to pick up my copy of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16. They didn't have it. Despite the fact that I've paid them some money to have it put aside for me. They were sold out. Why? Because, on my list of comics to be put aside every month, there's no Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. There's just Legion of Super-Heroes. So I lose.

I don't want to overreact here. It was a simple mistake, and I'm sure they're going to fix it if they can. Plus I might still be receiving my subscription copy, depending on how long it takes Cambey West to process a cancellation. But I have to tell you. I'm getting pretty tired of being the comic book industry's butt-monkey.

It could take quite a while before I have a copy of #16 to review. Watch this space.

Edited to add: I should never have doubted my comic book shop. Turns out they really had put the comic aside for me, but couldn't quite put their hands on it the first time I went in there. I think that's what happened. Anyway, I've got SLOSH #16 now, and I didn't even have to bug them about it. I am pleased.