Sunday, April 02, 2006

Issue #16 Review

What Happened That You Have To Know About:

A few Legionnaires have an encounter with an alien infiltrator that causes some conflict with the (adult) public, and leads to an encounter with the Science Police that has Chameleon musing about the relation between the Legion and the SP.

Cosmic Boy tells Colossal Boy that he's stepping down as leader of the Legion.

On their first mission for the government, the Legion has to intercept an object (turns out to be an old Dominator weapon... interesting) speeding towards Earth. They don't entirely succeed, but Supergirl shows up and saves the day. Not everyone believes that she's the real Supergirl, or even that Supergirl really ever existed, but she confides to Cosmic Boy that she's the real thing... but that the Legion only exists in her dreams.

Review: Very nice job. I hadn't thought Colossal Boy would be so insightful, that Chameleon would have such an eye for nuance, that Ultra Boy would be so quick on the uptake. But it all works. We really are starting to get to know this version of the Legion, and also this version of the 31st century. And Kitson's art seems especially clean and light.

One qualm I have. This Supergirl story... what's it about? Okay, she's here in the future. But so what? What happens next? I suppose we'll find out in #17.

The big questions, of course, are:

1. Is she really Supergirl?
2. Is the Legion really just her dream?

My answers to these questions are:

1. Probably. What's the point of using a fake Supergirl?
2. No way. That would be so stupid. That's what this reboot comes to? A dream in the mind of one of DC's secondary characters? Ridiculous. Absolute rot. Pure mashed potatoes.

Which is not to say Supergirl's lying. She could, in fact, have dreamed about the Legion. I don't know how or why, but I presume we're going to be finding out about it over the next couple of months. And she could therefore certainly believe that the Legion is nothing more than her dream. She's just wrong, that's all.

Rating: LLLL

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