Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For Your Clicking Convenience

So I’ve updated the links at the side of the blog; perhaps you’ve noticed. I guess I did it for a few reasons.

First, these are sites that I check out quite frequently, and it’s useful to me to have all the links in one place.

Second, in some cases, to help these sites get more readers. In other cases it’s kind of silly to think about it that way, because I don’t think I have all that many readers, but the sites I’m linking to have thousands, so really I’m not doing much but agreeing with the rest of the world. But that’s okay.

Third, and I guess most importantly, as a way of showing appreciation to all the fine men and women whose informative, insightful and amusing thoughts on comic books have given me such enjoyment since I’ve started reading them, which is also why I’m writing this post instead of just updating the links and shutting up like a sensible person would do. (Also, to thank the people who’ve already linked to this blog, which I appreciate tremendously.)

Obviously it’s not a comprehensive list of comic blogs; if it was it’d be twice as long. Ten times as long. But they all link to each other anyway so if you start clicking you’ll eventually hit all of ‘em. These are the ones that happen to appeal to me in particular and that I find myself revisiting the most often.

A couple of points on my fellow blogonauts:

- if you’re checking out the Invincible Super-Blog, and you should, make sure you mouseover all the images
- anybody who reads this blog probably also reads the Legion Omnicom, but let me just say here what an excellent site it is anyway. Look at Michael’s coverage of the upcoming Legion cartoon, for instance. He’s got news items. He’s got pictures. He’s got contacts. He’s all over it. I’ve got a Legion blog; am I all over it? I am not. (Not because I don’t care, but because I don’t know anybody who knows anything, because including graphics in my blog is for me a slow and laborious process, because I’d rather write about what did happen than about what’s going to happen for the simple reason that ‘what did happen’ isn’t going anywhere.) I like that we’ve been able to keep our two sites operating this long simultaneously without duplicating effort.