Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Superhero ABC, by Bob McLeod

I've mentioned before how I have two little kids. One thing you do when you have little kids is that you read to them, and to read to them you need to have lots of suitable books around.

One such book is SuperHero ABC by veteran comic-book artist Bob McLeod. It's pretty neat. The art looks great, for one thing, and there's a lot of sneaky humour involved. It's an alphabet book, so for each letter there's a splash page picturing an original superhero whose name starts with that letter, with a lot of captions alliteratively featuring the same letter. Here's the page for the letter 'S', for instance:

Or here's the one for the letter 'L'. Check out her belt! Genius:

In a couple of places I've read that McLeod has some thoughts about using these characters again in other kids-related projects. That might be cool. Some of the characters obviously have such potential, like Danger Man and the Terrific Three... but the Volcano is just gross, and you can keep the Odor Officer for me. Still: superheroes! Recommended.

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