Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teenagers From the Future--Available Now!

The book Teenagers From the Future, a collection of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes, edited by the estimable Tim Callahan, is now readily available.

It can be ordered from these sites:


Barnes and Noble

Amazon.ca (listed, but not in stock as of right this second)

Lulu.com (which is some kind of print-on-demand deal; if you end up going this way let me know how it works out)

Now, there's some kind of deal going on about just how this book is being distributed. I don't have all the details yet. But the publishers want the book sold in comics shops, which means that it has to be distributed through Diamond. Diamond's deal is that they don't want to compete with other bookstores, so while it's being distributed by Diamond, it's *not* going to be available any other way. So my understanding is that it's going to be available through Amazon and the other companies *now*, and then once Diamond gets a hold of it, Amazon et al. *won't* have it, but the comics shops will. And that'll be the case for maybe three months. Then, if I'm getting this right, Amazon and the others will have it again after that. Obviously, I'm going to keep track of this, so watch this space for any updates.

Or, you know, just order a bunch of copies now and you won't have to worry about it later. They make great gifts!

About the book itself. I have two essays in it. The first essay is about the themes of diversity and evolution in the reboot Legion. The second essay is about generational cycles and the threeboot (a lot like this article, only completely different). I'm proud of both articles and think they're both worth your time. And then there are all the other articles! Some damn fine work has gone into this book, and no Legion fan should be without it. I'd be highly recommending it even if I had nothing to do with the thing.

Anybody who orders the book, or reads it over a friend's shoulder, and wants to kick it around with me, drop me a line. You may have guessed that I enjoy discussing the Legion.

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