Thursday, January 08, 2009

Now Batting

Right now in Batman comics there's something going on where maybe someone else is going to take over the Batman mantle. The intriguing aspect of this, to me, is the sheer volume of plausible candidates to be the new Batman. I tried to list them all, and here's what I came up with. (I grant you that some of these people are problematic, being, as they are, otherwise occupied, female, or dead. They're still good candidates and I can make a case for any one of them.)

Talia al Ghul
Jason Bard
Helena Bertinelli
Lia Briggs
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Reep Daggle
Duela Dent
Harvey Dent
Gabrielle Doe
Tim Drake
Dr. Thomas Elliot
Barbara Gordon
Dick Grayson
ibn al Xu'ffasch
Bette Kane
Kate Kane
Kathy Kane
Carrie Kelly
Ted Kord
Selina Kyle
Robert Kirkland Langstrom
Lex Luthor
Lonnie Machin
Terry McGinnis
Edward Nigma
Holly Robinson
Jack Ryder
Jason Todd
Jean-Paul Valley
Cameron van Cleer
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne, Jr.
Damien Wayne
Helena Wayne
whatshisname Wayne, Bruce's long-lost brother from that Silver Age story

Who'd I miss?