Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adventure Comics #1.1 Review. Not

So the idea here is that I review every Legion story that comes down the pike. I wasn't sure I was going to review Adventure #1.1, on the grounds that I didn't know if it was going to be Legiony enough. For one thing, it was supposed to be specifically about Starman, and he's not much of a Legion character these days; more of a JSA guy.

But, no, it's full of Legion stuff. No problem there.

Only thing is, it isn't a story. It isn't even close to a story. It's a teaser. When you read it, it seems like it's about three pages long. Actually, it's eight, but here's how they break down:

1. Backstory on Superboy. Stuff everybody already knows, but I suppose it's possible that Adventure is attracting some people who are brand new customers.
2.-3. A double-page spread of the Legion, flying. Do you have any idea how many double-page spreads of the Legion flying there have been in the past year or two? Way too many. Fortunately, we've got eight whole pages to work with here, so there's plenty of space to spend on characters flying silently to noplace in particular. (Note: Shadow Lass and Night Girl are mislabelled.)
4. Starman talking to birds.
5.-6. Starman at a bowling alley.
7. Starman talks to Tellus. Well, that's something.
8. Hints of what's going to happen to the Legion over the next year.

Once again I quote Bill James: Jesus, these people will drive you crazy sometimes. Wake me when the story starts.

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