Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventure Comics #4.1 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About:

After the events of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, Blok is kinda falling apart. He heads to the Sorcerer's World to find Mysa, with Wildfire and Dawnstar along for the ride. They find Mysa; she's using her Black Witch persona to harness Mordru's evil energies and turn it to good ends. She heals Blok and he remains there to help her.


Eleven pages this time; long for a backup story but two of those pages were full-page splashes. It was all right in a charactery way. I don't know; what was there to say about it? I can't tell if it's just killing time or not.

It's nice to see that Mysa's still basically herself, I guess. I presume that the intrepid denizens of the internet are hard at work identifying all those screaming stone-encased faces surrounding Mysa's throne.

I continue to be tired of the Dawnstar-Wildfire relationship.

Membership Notes:

It sure looks like Blok quits this issue.

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