Saturday, February 27, 2010

If You Want a Flight Ring, Ask for a Flight Ring

So some people are calling for DC to give away Legion flight rings like they've done with Green Lantern rings and Flash rings and what have you. It's not a bad idea; click here for more details. (The Legion Abstract principle that applies to this issue, as always, is, "Be careful what you don't ask for; you might not get it.")

I'd like a flight ring or two. (Ideally I'd like an operational flight ring, but these things are, like politics, the art of the possible.) But I could live without it. If I was going to ask DC for anything, I'd ask for a third monthly Legion series to go along with the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes v6 and Adventure Comics. (The Legion Abstract principle that applies to this issue is, "More is better.")

When would I give the flight ring away, if I was DC? Maybe with LSHv6 #3. You have to imagine that #1 will sell okay no matter what. So if #1 is a big attraction, and #3 is a big attraction, then it'd be stupid not to get #2 also, right? And if you've got the first three issues, well, why not just keep going with the series?

I'm always thinking.

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