Friday, October 22, 2010

DC Legacies 6.1 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About: The Legion comes back to 20th-century Smallville to invite Superboy to join their club. And then things get a little confusing.

Review: Len Wein is listed as the writer for this story, and Keith Giffen as the artist, but... See, I've certainly read comics by Wein, but I don't know his stuff well enough to recognize his fingerprints on a story. Giffen, on the other hand, I know much better, and this thing reads to me a lot like a Keith Giffen story. I am going to assume that Giffen had some input into what Wein wrote. I may be wrong, and I may not give Wein enough credit, but that's what I think.

I got the first couple of issues of this series, but dropped it when I realized that it wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. It was only because the Legion appeared in this issue that I flipped through it in the store and decided it was worth getting. 'Cause, see, this isn't just another retelling of Adventure #247; it's a funny story that makes a point about the Legion: that anything to do with the Legion is too confusing to be worth getting into.

Now, for me and probably for you, this isn't a welcome point. It's something that we could argue with, and to the extent that it's true we wish people would get over it. It's something that we don't like it when people say that.

Which is why Keith Giffen is so great. Because, you know, sprock us if we can't take a joke.

- nice to see the threeboot Legion for a second here
- which Brainiac 5 was that at the bottom of page 7? Looked kind of like the one from the Legion episode of Justice League Unlimited
- that last comment on the bubbles... anybody think it could also refer to the identification bubbles that Legion writers have been relying on for the past six years?

Panel Count: 57 panels/8 pages = 7.1 panels/page (including one 17-panel page!). No single-panel pages. Giffen's art is just what you'd expect from him; jawy faces and shadows and all. Not his best, but fine.

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