Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #10 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About:

Cosmic Boy finally gets through to Mon-El, wherever he is, to tell him that he won the election. Mon-El doesn't want the job, but it looks like he's going to come back and take it anyway; in the meantime, Brainy's in charge. Brainy sends Cham, Phantom Girl, and Yera to Brande's estate to poke through the records and figure out what the Durlan assassins are really up to. This forces a confrontation with Cham's aunt, which turns into a fight that the Legion wins.

Meanwhile, Dawnstar wakes up and flies off after the blue space baby in her underwear.


Man, these comic books feel short now! Oh, well; it's a lot better than an eight-page backup.

The interesting thing is that there was a twist in the story of the Durlans: they weren't zealots; they were thieves. Kind of like in Die Hard. I like that. It would have been more interesting if there had been more riding on it, although I'm not sure how that could have been accomplished. As it is, I'm interested that their plan is different from how I thought it was, but there's no consequence to me because of it. Unless, perhaps, the Legion's finances are now all messed up?

So right now Brainiac 5 is the acting leader. This is not such a bad thing. Original-Legion Brainy is actually a nice guy, and obviously he's smart. He has social skills. Now, retroboot Brainy has a few spikes on him, but he's still nowhere near as bad as reboot or threeboot Brainy. He might actually make a decent leader. If this issue is any indication, he'll be fine.

Okay! Enough Durlans! Let's see what the LSV is up to these days.

- What's the rush, Dawny?
- Yes. "Relieved." That's the word.
- Once again. Vyrga. Not Vyraga.
- I do like the distinction drawn between Cham's and Yera's specialties. It might be nice, someday, to see a situation where Yera's acting skills are more useful than Cham's, what, combat experience.
- Dr. Gym'll with four arms again.
- I'm assuming there's more to be said about Chief Zendak's death. It's like the destruction of Titan; one of those things that I think Levitz wants to take a long look at.

Art: 90 panels/20 pages = 4.5 panels/page. One single-panel page. Another nice job by Cinar.

Membership Notes: Dawnstar's out of her coma and Mon-El seems to be coming back to active duty. Yera, aka Chameleon Girl, shows up in this issue, but a lot of emphasis was placed on her acting career, suggesting that she's a reserve member just helping out. I prefer that. I like Yera just fine, but I also like my superhero titles to have a strong supporting cast, and, to me, that's where Yera belongs.

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