Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mark Waid

The more time passes, the more impressed I get with Mark Waid's comic books.

He keeps coming out with stuff I like. The first thing of his I read was Legion of Super-Heroes volume 5, of course, an interpretation of the Legion that I quite enjoyed. 52 was good. His run on The Incredibles was good. Haven't finished Irredeemable and Incorruptible yet, but they're both good. I'm not going to read Daredevil because, you know, because, but it's supposed to be good too, and I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

And now do you hear what Waid's got in the pipeline? A Rocketeer miniseries and a "Steed & Mrs. Peel" series. There's obviously no way I can pass either of those up. Other thing that he's doing is this website, Thrillbent, where he and John Rogers and I guess some other people are Trying Stuff in the area of webcomics. It is an admirable pursuit and the first few installments have been very worthwhile and I recommend it to you*.

* I always like it when people Try Stuff.

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