Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trivia II

Remember when I did this? Here's another one. Following is a list of fictional generic American towns. The quiz is, for each one, identify the children's book series for which it is the setting. Answer in the comments. As far as the use of search engines to find the answers is concerned, I believe that we're all comfortable within the confines of the honour system. To commemorate the Victoria Day long weekend, there are 24 of them.

1. Deep Valley, MN
2. Midston, ?
3. Bayport, NY? NJ? MA?
4. Rocky Beach, CA
5. Mammoth Falls, NY
6. Lakeport, ?
7. Idaville, FL
8. Riverton, IN
9. River Heights, IL
10. Stoneybrook, CN
11. Grover’s Corner, NJ (Not Our Town!)
12. Sleepyside-on-Hudson, NY
13. Cranbury, CN
14. Adenville, UT
15. Shoreham, NJ
16. Carthage, NY
17. Cameron, MA
18. Shopton, NY
19. Sweet Valley, CA
20. Frog Creek, PA
21. Shadyside, ?
22. Greenfield, CN
23. Learning, VT
24. Walkerville, RI

I put one easy one in there for you.