Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Trust Keith Giffen

Today on Newsarama, Keith Giffen said this:

"It's the future. It's the 31st Century. The book is its own entity, and it's really not tied into much of anything at all. I mean, everyone knows who the Justice League is, so it's tied into the DCU that way. But it would be unfair to put out a book that insists you're familiar with another book.

So to answer your question, no. This is its own entity.


If I need a guy who can throw fireballs around, you can guarantee it's not going to be Sun Boy. Let's think of somebody new. I'm tired of treading old ground. I have as much affection for the Legion of Super-Heroes as anybody -- maybe more than most, since I kept returning to the book like a mental patient. But this isn't the Legion. And it shouldn't be judged on Legion of Super-Heroes terms. Sorry Legion fans, but you're going to have to wait until somebody comes up with a take on the Legion. This is not a Legion of Super-Heroes book. They're not going to be going to Braal. Trust me."

I trust you, Keith, and I thank you for making this clear to me.

I will not read this comic book.

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