Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pilot Light

Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long, but it's just been so easy not to. I have the best of intentions about it, honest. And the freaking comic book was around for over fifty years; it's not like we've run out of stuff to talk about.

So what's new? LSH Showcase volume 5 coming out this winter. I won't be getting it as I already have that stuff in Archive form, but if there's ever a volume 6 I'll be all over that. Some kind of JLA/Legion appearance coming up in whatever this Forever Evil nonsense is later this summer.

Quite a while ago I recommended Abnett and Lanning's Hypernaturals as a comic you might like if you liked the Legion. It's over now but Image is publishing one called EGOs which is another futuristic-superhero-team book. It hasn't yet won me over the way Hypernaturals did but it doesn't seem bad either and I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

How are you?