Saturday, December 31, 2016

As Long as It Really Is a New Year

As we head into 2017, there's still no regular Legion of Super-Heroes comic being published. The 31st century has never seemed so far away.

2016 was a tough year. It wasn't any kind of entity that was at war with us, or anything; it was just an arbitrary period of time during which a lot of strange and regrettable things happened. A lot of famous people died, but then, a lot of famous people die every year. It was a little unusual that so many of the famous people who died in 2016 were particularly beloved, but I suspect that that was well within the boundaries of ordinary randomness.

Here's some stuff about 2016, other than celebrity deaths, that historians are advised to consider when summing up the year. Not in order:

- natural disasters, including a huge forest fire in northern Alberta
- Brexit
- attempted coup and subsequent crackdown in Turkey
- US election
- ongoing war and humanitarian disaster in Syria
- Ghostbusters
- Pokemon GO
- the Rio Olympics
- the Kardashian robbery
- the Ottawa sinkhole
- continued violence by police
- clowns
- Stranger Things
- terrorist attacks
- the Oregon militia standoff
- the High Park capybaras
- Harambe
- the triple tragedy in Orlando: Christina Grimmie, Pulse, and the alligator attack
- Beyonce's Lemonade
- Cubs win the World Series
- bathroom bills

Whether a given superhero comic is or isn't being published is pretty small potatoes. Then again, we're going to need some kind of roadmap to the future.

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