Sunday, May 09, 2021


 A quick thought about the "current" Legion of Super-Heroes comic book.

There are things to like about it (the design, the energy, the faithfulness to the core ideas of the Legion) and things not to like about it (the inconsistent character details, the sparse characterization, the pace, the insistence on using the entire team all at once all the time). But, this current hiatus while Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook get their ducks all in a row?

It's not good. It's bad.

Yes, absolutely, you should make sure you know what you're doing before you do it. You should give the artist time to get ahead of the work. You should plan and coordinate and all of those other good things.

But doing this while getting a book onto the rack every month is part of the job. If there's a fill-in artist, or a delay of a week or two, or an inventory issue, well, so be it. Those are known possibilities; we can deal with them. Months of nothing? That's amateur hour. That's clownshoes. It's a failure on the part of Bendis and Sook and it's a failure on the part of DC Comics.

If the resulting comic books turn out to be really good, well, that will partially make up for this. Partially. Because it's perfectly possible to turn out really good comics on a monthly basis. We all know of some. So, *if* they're really good, then, great, congrats to Bendis and Sook for accomplishing something... but they're supposed to be professionals. They're supposed to have some idea what they're doing and not just get into the middle of it and realize they don't.

It's just highly unsatisfactory.