Saturday, June 16, 2012

Legion Lost #10 Review

What Happened That You Have to Know About:

Apparently the "The Culling" story ended for the Legion when they took off in that time bubble and went home. Except when they get there, they find that 31st century Earth, a couple of years after they left, is an abandoned wreck. Tyroc knows a prophecy that's made him special all his life. Wildfire's containment suit is leaking and he can't get a replacement. The Legionnaires return to the present day, where the government has questioned Oz and sent the Metamerican squad after them; at the end of the issue, their sniper shoots Timber Wolf.


A lot happened in this issue that seemed like it could be good setup for future stories. Which is exactly what you want in issue #10.

One thing I liked: Gates referring to Earthgov (I guess) as "fascist fools." It's just one phrase, but it rang true; it's more than Levitz or Johns or Nicieza or even DnA did.

I'm also hopeful about this notion that the Legionnaires have to prevent this alternate future. It's an appropriate theme for this book; not a traditional Legion theme, but one very compatible with the Legion. Which is good, because if you think about it, most if not all of the other pillars of Legion storytelling have been discarded.

The reactions of others to this issue that I've seen have been quite positive. I don't see it. There are promising signs, to be sure, but it's way past time for promising signs. At this point it's either a good comic book or it's not, and it's not. Next issue could be, though.

No, really. It could.

No, really.

It could.

Art: 79 panels/20 pages = 4.0 panels/page. 1 double-page spread.

Pete Woods with his usual credible effort. I hope we're not going to be stuck with these white costumes too much longer. Woods's depiction of the 31st century was... I don't know. I mean, good, yes, but there's a particular quality that Woods's style has that I know exactly what it is but don't know how to put it into words, and it's unusual to see the Legion future drawn that way. Even after ten issues, I don't know if Woods's style is a good fit for the Legion, but I like it whether it is or not. (As you may recall, I thought much the same about Dennis Calero.) If they really are getting rid of Portela on the main title, I'd a lot rather see Woods get the job than Scott Kolins. Nothing against Kolins, but my overwhelming memory of his art is that hideous cover on LSHv5 #34 that I still can't bring myself to look at again.

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