Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All the Shining Stars Are Dead

Word is that DC is moving its offices out of New York to join the rest of the Time-Warner entertainment types in Los Angeles.

Many are lamenting this move as an end to the comic-book world that was. I imagine there's some truth to that, but honestly I don't really think it matters a lot.

If DC cares about making great comics, they will still care about it in Los Angeles, and they won't let a little thing like their location stop them.

If DC doesn't care about making great comics, they wouldn't care any more about it in New York, and they wouldn't let a little thing like their location make them care about it.

What was it that they did in the last couple of weeks that was annoying? There was something, I know that, that renewed my belief in my vacating of their comics. I forget exactly what it was, though.

But I'm not going to rake them over the coals for moving to California. It probably makes a lot of sense for them, and I think they should do things that make sense. As often as possible.