Monday, July 21, 2014

Thousand Miles Single Step Et Cetera Et Cetera

So yeah.

The Legion is set to return in this fall's Justice League United annual, which kicks off the six-issue Infinitus Saga (Jeff Lemire/Neil Edwards/Jay Leisten).

My optimism about this development is limited.

Sure, Lemire's great and all, and apparently is a Legion fan, so we should be well set up to get a story that's better than the Lightning Saga was. But if Lemire has a proper understanding of his job, and why on earth would I think he didn't, then the Infinitus Saga, be it never so awesome, is still going to be a Justice League story. Which, again, is as it should be. But what I want is some Legion of Super-Heroes stories, and so far there aren't any of those on the horizon.

Could the Infinitus Saga lead to a return of the Legion to regular comics? Of course. But it has not done that yet. The goal here is to have a regular Legion comic by a creative team who has an interesting vision for the LSH and the creative chops to put that vision over. And I'm not going to count that chicken until it's out of the shell entirely.

The Infinitus Saga is a guest appearance. That's welcome. It ought to be a good one; that's welcome too. Now what else have you got for us.