Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Legionnaires: Gear

Man, Blogger's being a real crankosaurus these days. It's taking me forever to load these images.

Here's a Legionnaire whose greatness can be summed up quite concisely.

Gear, a.k.a. I.Z.O.R. of Linsner, created by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw and Scott Kolins

Gear was a member of the reboot Legion in the DnA era. Linsnarians are living-machine kinds of people, with humanoid-looking skin wrapped around a technological interior. (In fact, I read something about the creators of the Legion animated series using Gear as a model for how Brainiac 5's appearance and powers would work on the show.) It was in this capacity that he was useful to the Legion: he tended to act as support staff more often than as an actual superhero. He was, nevertheless, a full-fledged Legionnaire.

We saw what a cool character Gear could be in the Robotica storyline. The robots had conquered Earth, and the Legion figured the only solution was to attack Earth with Warworld, a planet-sized weapon sitting out in Pluto's orbit. So a bunch of Legionnaires went out there to fire it up, including Gear. They found, though, that the people who put it there, the Justice League, had left a security system behind to prevent just that: a set of virtual simulacra of Justice Leaguers who promptly attacked the Legion. Here's Gear's reaction:

Are you loving it? It’s the only time I remember seeing a superhero try to fast-talk his way out of a fight. Usually superheroes are Type A personalities who can’t stand not to win every confrontation they have, but Gear doesn’t waste his time with false pride. Specifically, I like the tack he takes: “You want me to fight you? Sorry, pal, not my department. I'm a noncombatant. The union would be all over me.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TV LSH staff knew how to adopt and adapt from the comics.I grew to enjoy Robo Brainy a lot--he was an alternative to having toon Brainy just do the same things we've already seen him do in the comics.
Here's hoping Levitz revives Gear. Darn handy fella to have around.

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